The ethylene oxide output of Maoming Petrochemical

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Maoming manipulator is used to pick up round or irregular shaped forming parts. The ethylene oxide output of mingpetrochemical has exceeded 10000 tons for six consecutive months.

Maoming Petrochemical takes developing market space as one of the main objectives of fine management, takes market pressure as the driving force for adjusting structure and improving marketing, arranges the capacity distribution of each device in order of benefits, and has tasted the deepening of fine management. The electronic universal tension machine can stretch, shrink, twist, tear The benefits of shearing, 180 degree peeling and 90 degree peeling experiments

Maoming Petrochemical vigorously implements the "differentiated" product strategy. According to the role of ethylene oxide testing machine, 1 is to achieve the national standard price through QS certification and the reality of good market situation, reasonably adjust the product structure, and expand and strengthen the output of ethylene oxide. The chemical industry division has launched ethylene oxide capacity expansion projects, formulated incentives for ethylene oxide production increase, and worked hard to increase ethylene oxide production. From August 2013 to January this year, the output of ethylene oxide has exceeded 10000 tons for six consecutive months. During this cycle, a total of 61200 tons of ethylene oxide have been produced, an increase of 8064 tons year-on-year, creating good economic benefits

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