Shantui forklift a series products shine at 2014 Z

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On August 22-24, 2014, the newly launched a series products of Shantui forklift reached the 2014 Zhengzhou International Industrial Equipment Expo under the high attention of the market

Henan is known as "the hinterland of Kyushu and the thoroughfare of ten provinces". The A-Series forklifts in this exhibition have become the "visual focus" of the exhibition with their seven unique advantages of "excellent reliability, super stability, excellent comfort, high versatility, high safety, high cost performance and easy maintenance". The a series forklift in this exhibition is the latest model of Shantui forklift in 2014. With more than 30 years of strong manufacturing technology accumulation, Shantui once again perfectly deduces the brand concept of "value leading". It is highly recognized by the market for its high cost performance and is warmly sought after by the market. Customers in many regions love it and its excellent cost performance. The research also shows that they would rather "hold money and wait for the car" to buy this model. There is a situation of short supply in many regions

after carefully observing the A-Series forklift, many customers in this visit sincerely lamented that the design idea of Shantui A-Series forklift is the kind of "feature combination" they have been looking for. The obvious advantages of "high load-bearing, low energy consumption, easy handling and high safety" of A-Series forklift are the kind of product they want, Have a deeper understanding of the brand concept of Shantui forklift to create value for customers with "stronger, more flexible and more economical" products

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