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VN composite company developed new compression molded composite structural parts

but this is not the key to the problem. Thales Alenia aerospace company further introduced composite materials into satellite structures and replaced metal connecting rods with carbon fiber epoxy reinforcement

this change greatly reduces the weight of the structure, thus allowing more payloads for the same launch weight

VN composites, which is responsible for design and research and development, has developed a specific process (compression molding composites) to manufacture connectors with high dimensional accuracy

acg can provide several systems for aerospace applications. Among them, mtm46 system has been selected. It is a tough epoxy resin system. BASF infinergy foaming material is applied to Adidas running shoes, which is easy to process. Glass 5. The security inspection machine must have a good grounding transition temperature as high as 180 ℃. It has good performance in space environment, and its exhaust function exceeds the requirements of NASA

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