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Voicecon 2010 day3: two giants in the field of unified collaboration appear in the ctiforum. Exclusive report on March 26 (Wu Mo): Alistair Rennie, general manager of IBM lotus and web sphere software business, showed IBM's latest achievements in smart earth and unified collaboration. IBM believes that the future world is measurable, interconnected and intelligent. IBM has made outstanding achievements in smart water, smart transportation and smart energy; At the same time, IBM also has unique solutions in smart collaboration. IBM believes that by 2012, 500million people in the world will use social networks, up to 1trillion times. Due to the opportunity of business connecting to smart terminals, 42% of people make mistakes at least once a week when entering information through smart terminals, resulting in business losses of up to $650billion. IBM unified communication and collaboration solutions can use the existing infrastructure to collaborate across organizations, improve users' collaborative experience, and increase business flexibility through cloud solutions. GEA has 400 branches around the world with a total of 21000 employees. After adopting IBM's unified collaborative solution, it saves 25% of travel expenses and 50% of communication expenses every year. IBM's unified collaborative solution advocates openness and interoperability with communication equipment manufacturers. IBM emphasizes providing business process solutions, email/document/collaborative software and web applications on the third-party communication platform. IBM also showcased its lotus live, a unified cloud based collaborative solution and an enterprise oriented lotus foundations application

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it is worth noting that the demonstrations of IBM and Microsoft both mentioned the application of contact center, and the market maturity of contact center is far beyond the upper limit temperature that can be set by unified communication. The contact center has made achievements for Avaya and other manufacturers. In the future, it is proposed that the production process, steel-making and rolling equipment of the enterprise must be checked in place. Communication will also reach the maturity of the contact center industry. Who will become the leader in the field of unified communication, Avaya? Microsoft? Cisco? Siemens? IBM?……? Let's wait and see. CTI Forum Report

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