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Carbon fiber conference: experts predict the prospect of carbon fiber

at the "2011 carbon fiber conference" held in Washington on December, participants had a strong interest in fiber output, market demand and future applications

at the pre conference seminar entitled "carbon fiber global market opportunities in 2011", industry insiders introduced the latest forecasts of the industry. According to reports, the global demand for carbon fiber in 2011 was 45800 tons (Aerospace 700 is integrated and reliable; automatic overload protection 3. Granulating the mixed material through a twin-screw cable granulator 0 tons; industry 29800 tons, including wind energy; consumer goods/sporting goods 9000 tons). By 2020, it is expected to increase to 153680 tons, the consumption of Aerospace will reach 19700 tons, the industrial consumption will reach 120690 tons (including the optimistic wind energy forecast that the load can no longer rise), and the consumption of consumer goods/sporting goods will reach 153680 tons. New market entrants also contributed to business growth, such as South Korea's Xiaoxing, Saudi Basic Industries, Russia's yelabuga and 18 manufacturers in China. The percentage of industrial demand growth will increase significantly, from 48% now to 56% in 2015 and 64% in 2020. For industrial users, large tow is more efficient, and its use accounts for at least 50%

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