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Voice carries Lichi FM to create voice live broadcast to support 10000 people at the same time. The era of voice live broadcast is coming! Lichi FM voice live broadcast has achieved gratifying results in 8 months.

its revenue has exceeded 10 million in 3 months. Now Baosheng Goban high performance plastic (SGPPL) has become the first company to obtain TORLON reg in two different regions of the world; Pai injection molding processing qualified companies have a live broadcast revenue of more than 50million per month and are still growing rapidly. Under the background sound of the show anchor of selfie, justice, many people are not optimistic about voice live broadcast. This outstanding achievement of the podcast platform litchi FM shows that the realization space of voice live broadcast is not only large, but also continues to expand

in 2013, Lichi FM was launched, and slogan was everyone's anchor

in October 2016, Lichi FM launched the voice live broadcast function

in January 2017, Lichi FM celebrated its third anniversary and announced that its users exceeded 100 million

currently, Lichi FM has 6million daily active users, 2million podcasts, and 50million original audio programs. The number of podcasts, the length of content, and the number of content rank first in the whole

although Lichi FM emphasizes that voice live broadcasting is not a transformation, it does pose a challenge to the original ecosystem on the platform. In the early days of making programs in the form of recording and broadcasting, the anchor only needs to prepare the festival catalogue in advance, and the program is easy to control. Lichi FM was the first voice broadcast in the industry, which means that not only the content, products and operations of the program need to be adjusted, but also the personal ability of the anchor is also a comprehensive challenge. The most important thing is that voice live broadcast has extremely high requirements for voice transmission technology, which is much higher than the early recording and broadcasting technology. Voice live broadcast requires not only clear sound quality, low delay, high quality, but also strong stability and interaction

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from the beginning, the whole team of litchi FM paid attention to the high technical requirements of voice live broadcast and real-time voice connection, so it decided to select top technology suppliers from all over the world. From the beginning of our transformation to live broadcasting, we didn't consider the self-developed real-time voice live broadcasting technology. Because the technical threshold is high and difficult and the development cycle is long, our products are required to be launched in a very short time, so our first thought is to find a mature third-party supply. Looking at so many busy people every day, we know that this place is a regular business. Said chenyonghua, vice president of Lichi FM technology

the provider of live broadcast and continuous wheat technology used by litchi FM is Sheng (hereinafter referred to as Sheng). Its technical director said that the reason why he chose the sound Lianmai solution later was that it had obvious advantages in many aspects of performance and architecture. The sound industry is well-known and has a good reputation, especially in network communication, which has a deep technical accumulation, and all aspects of performance indicators are very good. Compared with other similar products, SDK has better usability and stability. Chen Yonghua said

sound, as the world's most professional real-time communication technology provider, launched the live streaming SDK at the end of last year for the domestic hot interactive live broadcast. In a short period of half a year, we have reached in-depth cooperation with almost all domestic mainstream audio and video live broadcast platforms, including Momo, Shiba, tentacle, pepper, KK, litchi FM, xiandoujia, etc

voice live broadcast has a wide range of application scenarios, and the live broadcast Lianmai greatly improves the listening time of users.

voice's exclusive voice live broadcast technical support has a wide range of application scenarios, which also helps litchi FM open up a rich and multi-level scene application in many homogeneous voice live broadcast programs

Lichi FM voice live broadcast with the technical support of voice can not only connect with tens of thousands of listeners at the same time, but also support the voice connection between anchors. The live broadcast with TV directly shortens the distance between the anchor and other anchors, between the anchor and the audience, effectively helps the platform carry out social operation, and improves user stickiness and loyalty. Secondly, live broadcasting anytime, anywhere releases the application space and brings different scenes to the audience. Voice live broadcast is the same as traditional radio live broadcast, which can be applied to various scenes such as car and fitness, and can also play a companion role before going to bed at night like live broadcast. 25% of the traffic of litchi FM is concentrated in the nighttime pre sleep stage. Listening to litchi FM voice live broadcast before going to bed has become a habit of many users

third, Lichi FM highlights its strong interactive advantage through voice connection. Its interactive advantage is reflected in that the audience's Lianmai is more like an incoming call, less psychological pressure of live video, and higher participation; In addition, the team has developed a 10000 person wheat connection system to accommodate more listeners to interact to the greatest extent

at first, the voice live broadcast was more one-way, and the interaction between the audience and the anchor could only be through comments, rewards and other behaviors. Voice real-time connection makes the live broadcast no longer one-way. Users can connect with the anchor in real time, and the audience can also hear the dialogue between the anchor and the audience. This is the realization of the scene of connecting the anchor in traditional radio stations on the network. And because the live broadcast Lianmai can participate in the production of live broadcast content, the audience is willing to interact with the anchor, and the interaction rate and listening time of users have been greatly improved. Chen Yonghua said

sound SDK creates a way to quickly realize the voice live broadcast app

sound live broadcast SDK enables technology and developers around the world to easily realize the functions of live broadcast and continuous broadcast through a few lines of code access. Sound's live broadcast SDK and litchi FM have made new breakthroughs on the road of commercialization. The implantation of voice live broadcast not only brings the relationship between the anchor and the audience closer and enhances the stickiness through entertainment and interaction, but also helps the platform realize quick cash realization through commercial means such as giving virtual gifts and rewards

eight months after its launch, the achievements of litchi FM voice live broadcast are obvious to all. According to media reports, the revenue of voice live broadcast reward of Lichi FM has exceeded the original advertising sales business

the voice live broadcast data of litchi FM shows that three months after the launch of the virtual gift and voice live broadcast function, the live broadcast revenue exceeded 10million, and now more than 50million revenue per month comes from voice live broadcast

in addition to bringing beautiful data to the platform and strengthening differentiated competitive advantages, voice live broadcast has indeed made more money for the anchor. The maximum share income of voice anchor can reach millions a month. The overall audio playback volume of Batwoman with guitar on the anchor on the platform has exceeded 300million

there is no doubt that live + Games + social + video has become a through train for the realization of APP traffic on all platforms. The audio live SDK supports audio and video group chat, live multi person Lianmai, and audio and video werewolf killing. At present, it is widely used in various social networking, live broadcast, Lianmai, games and other pan entertainment platforms. Through the service of accessing sound, Lichi FM also added the channel of werewolf killing game, using games and social networking to surround users. At present, users and data feedback are good. Compared with video live broadcast, audio live broadcast better protects users' privacy and provides users with more sense of security

lychee FM werewolf kill screenshot

the live broadcast technology scheme of sound is superior to other schemes in the industry in many aspects, such as ultra-low delay, catnap, image quality, weak confrontation, high concurrency stability, full platform compatibility and interoperability. This is also the reason why many global mainstream live broadcast platforms have finally chosen sound

Sheng was founded in Silicon Valley in 2014 by Mr. Zhao Bin, former YY CTO. Sound has created a global real-time cloud service and become the most professional service provider in the field of real-time communication. Sound's real-time API has helped more than 30000 developers, connected more than 500million end users worldwide, served more than 200 countries and regions on five continents, and paid customers all over the world. Baidu, Alibaba, Xiaomi mutual entertainment, Momo, 9 When the operation is completed, you can open the door to get the test product after the machine stops completely. Pepper, snake wars, werewolf killing, hike, meetme and others have carried out in-depth cooperation with Sheng at present

on September, the third rtc2017 real-time Internet Conference (Asia station) hosted by sound will be held at Marriott Beijing

as the only real-time communication technology conference in Asia, rtc2017 real-time interconnection conference convened top experts in the RTC technology arena to share, and invited experts from the real-time communication industry at home and abroad and RTC application experts of large-scale interconnection platforms to share, including slack, a world-renowned collaboration company from Silicon Valley, atlassian, an Australian enterprise software company, and Mozilla foundation, which supports open source technologies and projects, Codec technology experts from Google; Technical experts from pepper live broadcast, panda live broadcast, up live broadcast, werewolf kill, meal werewolf kill, tal, Hujiang cctalk, baidu cloud, iFLYTEK, etc. The conference topics cover voice live broadcast, video live broadcast, video social networking, VR social networking, AI audio, speech recognition, the most authoritative coding and decoding standards in China, etc. At present, the limited free tickets have been grandly introduced, and the registration is hot. The bulb will flash at the moment of discharge

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