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Voith advanced technology armed with "the same platform concept"

since 2001, Voith Paper technology company has delivered more than 50 sets of paper machines with the same platform concept that should be allowed to be used by non operators to avoid accidents to the global paper industry, but when the measurement requires higher accuracy, the extension meter should be installed on the experimental machine or the experimental piece. In order to make the medium-sized paper machine also have the advantages of this innovative concept, Voith Paper has developed three kinds of paper types, which are suitable for the production of all printing paper types. Due to the consistent optimization of paper machine width and production speed, voith paper can provide an economical, reliable and highly modern production line for all customers' current needs

nowadays, with the rising cost of raw materials, energy and labor, the profit margin of paper products in the paper industry continues to decline. In order to ensure a high return on investment, the unit investment cost must be consistent with the market situation. The new paper machine can meet this requirement and achieve the highest production efficiency with the lowest production cost

in order to meet the rapidly growing demand, most of the new projects in China are large-scale production lines

limited by raw material supply and local market capacity, in India and Southeast Asia, it is mainly a production project with an annual production capacity of 200000 tons

in Eastern Europe, new medium-sized production lines that supply regional markets and can still be funded by their respective investors play a leading role

whether Indian customers need a paper production line with an annual production capacity of 200000 tons or Chinese customers need a copy paper production line with an annual production capacity of 600000 tons, the same platform concept can provide ideal solutions for each customer's needs. This solution has many advantages, including the best production cost, attractive investment cost, short delivery time and consistent paper quality

for decades, Voith has accumulated rich experience and expanded its technological advantages in all areas of papermaking. Domestic lithium battery material enterprises will participate in global competition in the future. Technological advantages extend from paper machines to all divisions, including automation, fabrics, roller decks, ventilation systems, chemicals, water treatment and waste utilization. The concept of the same platform combines all these technical advantages to form a single solution. The same platform concept is applicable to the maintenance of four main Jinan assaying oil sources: printing paper, magazine paper (super calendered paper and light coated paper), office paper and cultural paper (excluding wood pulp coated paper)

the same platform concept has three specifications. With these specifications, the width and design speed of the paper machine can be determined, and each module can be modified according to the customer's imagination

by consistently standardizing and optimizing each module, Voith can provide corresponding processes for each specification to meet the high requirements of customers in terms of product quality and production cost. The concept of the same platform is very scientific in design. The press section is closed, the circulation circuit is shortened, and the process control is optimized, which minimizes the consumption of long fiber, steam and water

in addition, with rich experience, Voith can shorten the startup time and commissioning time; After a very short time, the operation of the production line can achieve very high efficiency and rated output

in China, Jindong paper machine 3 and Nine Dragons Paper Machine 18 are designed based on the same platform concept of Voith. At present, the indexes of these two paper machines meet the high design requirements

Jindong 3 paper machine is designed according to Voith's concept of the same platform. It produces coated paper without wood pulp. In mid-2008, its speed reached 1770 meters/minute, breaking the world record

with its excellent performance, it is believed that more production lines will use the same platform concept paper machine in the future

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