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[voice of the two sessions] Xu Heyi: to promote and popularize new energy vehicles, we must give priority to solving the charging problem

with the guidance of national policies and the development of industry technology, while the new energy vehicle market continues to be hot, the future development of the industry has also attracted much attention. During the two sessions, it was learned that Xu Heyi, member of the CPPCC National Committee, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of BAIC group, this year's proposal focused on the new energy vehicle industry and proposed to speed up the construction of infrastructure charging facilities

the proposal points out that since 2014, China's new energy vehicle industry has experienced a preparatory stage from the start of government demonstration operations to the continuous move towards private car purchases. The market has moved from the introduction period to a period of rapid development, and China's automotive industry has entered a new era of electrification transformation

Xu Heyi analyzed that, on the one hand, with the vigorous development of the battery industry of new energy vehicles, the cost of battery production and manufacturing continues to decline; On the other hand, the decline of electricity price caused by China's power reform has become a general trend, but the oil price basically shows a steady development trend. The superposition of the above two factors will lead to the continuous enhancement of the market competitiveness of new energy vehicles

it is worth noting that although new energy vehicles are regarded as the general trend in the industry, many car owners said in an interview with securities that the problems of "slow charging" and "difficult charging" of new energy vehicles are still important considerations affecting their car purchase. "The supporting basic charging facilities are not popularized, and it is inconvenient to buy an electric car for charging" has become the concern of many car owners

in this regard, 4. The power supply voltage fluctuates little. Xu Heyi believes that the current construction and service of charging piles fail to keep up with the pace of the development of new energy vehicles. In his view, the promotion and popularization of new energy vehicles must give priority to solving the worries of charging. Only by making it more convenient to power up than to refuel, can we promote the scientific and healthy development of new energy vehicles

according to the data, by the end of 2017, the number of new energy vehicles in the country was about 1.729 million, the number of pure electric passenger vehicles was about 801000, and a total of 214000 public charging piles had been built in the country. From this point of view, there is still a big gap from the goal of adding 4.8 million charging piles in 2020 (to meet the charging demand of 5million electric vehicles nationwide)

according to Xu Heyi, there are four main problems in the construction of charging infrastructure at present

first, the site is difficult. Parking spaces are generally tight in domestic communities, and special parking spaces are more scarce. The construction of private charging piles in the community should be matched with the management of dedicated parking spaces. Both public and private charging parking spaces are occupied by fuel vehicles to varying degrees. At the same time, compared with the approval of charging pile construction, the approval of urban site is more difficult

second, it is difficult to expand capacity. Due to the large cost of power supply capacity increase in the built community, the institutional and institutional obstacles to the installation of private charging piles still exist, which also needs all parties to promote and solve as soon as possible

third, it is difficult to coordinate. The construction of charging piles needs to coordinate various institutions such as power companies, property companies, charging pile installation companies and urban management, which has the problems of long coordination cycle and low efficiency

fourth, it is difficult to manage. There are many car pile production enterprises, and the level of interconnection of operator platform fee settlement is relatively low. At the same time, due to unreasonable layout and inadequate maintenance, there have been many failures and zombie piles in some areas

in view of the above situation, Xu Heyi put forward four suggestions in this proposal

first, it is recommended to contact our technicians directly to dynamically plan and layout the blueprint of charging facilities construction. Accelerate the research and development of advanced charging technology; Complete the transformation and upgrading of supporting power supply facilities; Further formulate and improve the construction specifications and standards for new residential buildings and public supporting parking lots (garages). Scientifically estimate the load demand of garages and sheds, improve the design standard of supporting power supply facilities, and reserve charging facilities, pipeline bridges, power distribution facilities, installation location and land for meter boxes for new residential areas

second, it is suggested that local governments at all levels take the construction and management of charging infrastructure as a special work of the government, in addition to Weihai's expansion of fiber. Led by the Energy Research Institute (energy) of the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of industry and information technology, a special joint coordination office will be established to establish a collaborative promotion mechanism, clarify the division of responsibilities, improve supporting policies, and promote the construction of charging facilities

third, it is suggested to speed up the standardization of charging operation service fees and the connection of background settlement system. Industry institutions should promote the construction of charging infrastructure information service platforms, unify information exchange agreements, and effectively integrate the information resources of charging service platforms of different enterprises and cities

fourth, it is suggested to give policy support to the new business of charging and replacing electricity, including site approval, financial support, etc. In particular, "power exchange service", the business model is "vehicle power separation + battery rental + package billing + mutual benefit and win-win", which can realize the continuous driving of vehicles all over the world, so that the battery can be comprehensively managed and the battery price can be shared globally

"at present, the profitability of charging facility suppliers is still relatively weak, and they must promote the formation of an operation mode of sustainable development of enterprises through innovation. It is suggested that government departments provide policy support for the new business of charging and changing electricity, support the approval of the construction land of charging and changing electricity facilities in urban areas, and provide financial support according to the actual situation." Xu Heyi said in the proposal

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