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[voice of the two sessions] Luo Jinren: agricultural machinery subsidies should focus on supporting professional comprehensive agricultural service organizations and companies

deputies to the National People's Congress Luo Jinren, a scientific and technological worker of Guangxi Tianyuan Biochemical Co., Ltd., said in an interview that in addition to painting, "with the in-depth promotion of the circulation of land after the screw is baked and cooled by acetylene flame, the major planting households have gradually risen, and the main body of agricultural services has changed. The rapid development of pesticide spraying plant protection machinery and equipment such as drones has also taken place. The time to establish a comprehensive agricultural service organization is ripe."

Luo Jinren brought the "proposal on the scope of use of waterproof testing machines for supporting the construction of comprehensive agricultural service organizations" this year, and proposed to support the construction of agricultural comprehensive agricultural service organizations as the starting point for realizing agricultural modernization; Support enterprises to develop high-efficiency agricultural machinery and supporting products suitable for comprehensive agricultural service organizations through technological innovation, aiming at the most labor-intensive links in the process of agricultural production; Support the comprehensive agricultural service organization of Agricultural Mechanization Training

"the emphasis of agricultural machinery subsidies should be shifted from encouraging households or farmers' planting cooperatives to buying agricultural machinery to supporting professional comprehensive agricultural service organizations and companies; promoting the formulation of agricultural operation standards, establishing operation dispute coordination agencies, and reducing social disputes and contradictions, so as to ensure that this part of the production line has been amended." Representative Luo Jinren said

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