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[voice of the two sessions] Liang Wengen: support the development of manufacturing industry and promote the digital transformation of manufacturing industry

"the development and transformation of manufacturing industry is imminent." On the afternoon of March 6, Liang Wengen, a deputy to the National People's Congress, expressed his feelings at the panel discussion of the Hunan delegation. He believes that the machinery bought by China can also be better. China has made great achievements in social and economic construction in the past five years. Now it has reached the intersection of the two historical opportunities of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, the Chinese dream and the fourth industrial revolution of mankind. China's manufacturing industry is facing the challenge of digital transformation

"great achievements have indeed been made in social and economic construction in these five years." Consumption increased by nearly 4 points, the service industry increased by more than 6 points, and the high-tech field increased by more than 11 points... Liang Wengen showed the great achievements of economic restructuring with a set of data. "The the Belt and Road" has given Chinese enterprises more development space and opportunities. "Sany group has benefited from the the Belt and Road. Last year, it increased by more than 50% in the international market and has become a leading enterprise of the the Belt and Road." Liang Wengen said that this leading enterprise should not only support the development of the "the Belt and Road", but also seize the opportunity to accelerate the development of enterprises

Liang Wengen put forward his own suggestions on how to develop China's manufacturing industry under good opportunities, "support the development of manufacturing industry and promote the digital transformation of manufacturing industry." Liang Wengen said that as a large country with a population of 300 million, the resolution of deformation measurement of ten experimental machines refers to the measurable minimum accuracy of photoelectric encoder measurement data of experimental machines. Both military and people's livelihood need to rely on a strong manufacturing industry, but at present, China's manufacturing industry is facing great challenges in the first line of epidemic prevention and control in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Liang Wengen cited an example. If the general profitability of the manufacturing industry can reach a value-added of 20%, if the value-added is 100 yuan, after deducting taxes, labor costs, five insurances and one gold set of various expenses, the last remaining is only 10 yuan. "These 10 yuan can survive, but innovation is far from enough, but at present, what manufacturing enterprises need most is innovation."

Liang Wengen said that in the past, China's labor cost was about one thirtieth of that of developed countries, but now the cost of labor, especially senior executives, is basically the same as that of European and American countries. There is no labor advantage, but the technological advantage has not been established. "So I hope that the state and governments at all levels can attach great importance to the development of manufacturing industry, reduce burdens and taxes, and let the money of enterprises be used for digital transformation."

"digitalization will change our business model. We need to connect Sany's employees, customers, suppliers and agents with wisdom and beautiful interfaces to make them destroyed by radial contraction." Liang Wengen believes that if Sany group succeeds in digital transformation and grows into a platform in China and even the world, "then we will be strong again."

Liang Wengen also proposed to establish a perfect credit reporting system, and use this system to establish the culture, literacy and credit of the Chinese nation. "For enterprises like Sany, the biggest difficulty is the imperfection of the credit reporting system." The imperfection of the credit reporting system has also caused large enterprises to have "no basis" for the management of employees and customers. If the credit reporting system can be further improved, it will be of great help to improve the efficiency of enterprises

"we are full of confidence in China's development." In the end, Liang Wengen said that he set a small goal for himself in 2018, "more savings in his pocket than loans."

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