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Voith 2019 long term service award ceremony was grandly held

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on November 8, 2019, the fifth Voith long term service award ceremony was grandly held in Pullman Hotel, Zhongxing, Shanghai. 202 employees from Voith all over the country gathered together with their families to celebrate their laughter and growth in Voith and the brilliant achievements they have created for Voith with hard work and sincerity in the past 10 years

in order to thank and commend the employees who have served Voith for a long time, Ms. ina Maria schweppenh user, Ms. Julia Maria Schily and Mr. Martin Schily from the Voith family made a special trip to the award ceremony to gather with Voith's Chinese employees. Mr. Egon Kr tschmer, chief financial officer of Voith group, Dr. Markus keddi, senior vice president of human resources, and representatives from the management of Voith's business units in China also attended the event to celebrate this glorious moment

Voith ten year employee long service award

Voith long service award has become a grand event for Voith people. Since 2011, Voith has set up the annual 10-year employee long service award, which "has the potential to truly change the rules of the game of the composite pneumatic units T, kg, N, kn, G, LB material industry", to commend and encourage employees and their families who have served the company for a long time, and express sincere gratitude for their loyalty and dedication and the support of their families. The theme of the award ceremony is "deep-rooted aspiration", Taken from the poet Quyuan's "Ode to orange", which is "deeply entrenched, more determined", it symbolizes the unity and determination of Voith people

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as of 2019, the fatigue characteristics of materials and components have attracted people's attention. There are 757 employees who have served Voith China for more than 10 years, accounting for 28% of the total number of employees. The total number of years they have worked in Voith has reached 7570 years

these employees come from different business departments and are responsible for different jobs on weekdays, but they use the same professional responsibility, dedication, loyalty, enthusiasm, hard work and enterprising efforts to convey Voith's core values as a family business - respect, reliability, openness and enterprising

Voith rooted in China

every Voith person is a member of Voith group. With the hard work of Voith Chinese employees, Voith has long been rooted in the local market

Voith has been doing business in China for more than a century, and there is no doubt about the position of the Chinese market in Voith's heart. As early as 1906, Voith provided turbines for China's first hydropower station, shilongba hydropower station, which was put into operation in 1910. Today Voith is a powerful and reliable partner for Chinese customers, providing water turbines and generators for hydropower stations in China, parts for high-speed rail trains, and efficient paper machines for customers

in September this year, Dr. toralf Haag, CEO of Voith, accompanied German Chancellor Angela Merkel on a state visit to China, laying the foundation for in-depth cooperation between China and Voith in important businesses. Shortly thereafter, Dr. toralf Haag was honored to receive an invitation from Mr. Wu Ken, the Chinese ambassador to Germany, to attend the 70th anniversary ceremony of the founding of the people's Republic of China held at the Chinese Embassy in Germany in Berlin, Germany

It is the dedication and efforts of countless Voith people that have jointly created today's Voith: a family enterprise with firm values, excellent products, unique corporate culture and strong local influence in China

dedicated employees are the biggest driving force for a company to create long-term prosperity, and the long-term adherence of employees is also the greatest recognition of a company. From 2013 to now, Voith has won the honors of "China's model employer" and other heavyweight awards for seven consecutive years

with deep roots, Voith people have worked together for a century and a half; Forge ahead, let's create a brilliant chapter in the next century

about Voith

Voith is a global high-tech group. With a wide range of solutions including systems, products, services and digital applications, Voith sets industry standards for energy, oil and gas, papermaking, interruption and size change of load, raw materials, transportation and public transportation. Voith group was founded in 1867, with more than 19000 employees, businesses all over the world, branches in more than 60 countries, and annual sales of 4.2 billion euros. It is one of the largest family businesses in Europe

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