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Guangdong Province volatile organic compounds (VOCs) remediation and emission reduction work plan

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core tip: Recently, Guangdong issued the Guangdong Province volatile organic compounds (VOCs) remediation and emission reduction work plan (year), which has the following provisions related to the flexible packaging industry:

[China Packaging News] a few days ago, Guangdong has issued the work plan for the remediation and emission reduction of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in Guangdong Province (year), in which the relevant provisions related to the flexible packaging industry are as follows:

first, comprehensively promote the emission reduction of VOCs in plastic products, ink and other chemical industries, and ensure the emission up to standard through comprehensive measures such as source prevention, process control and end treatment under the action of hydrolysis. Promote VOCs monitoring system; By 2020, VOCs emissions from plastic products, printing ink, printing and packaging industries will be reduced by more than 30%

second, promote raw and auxiliary materials and products with low VOCs content and low reactivity. To reduce the use of solvents and additives such as benzene, toluene, xylene and dimethylformamide

third, implement raw material substitution. The ink industry focuses on the research and development of low (no) VOCs water-based inks, single solvent gravure inks, and radiation curing inks

fourth, optimize the production process. Strengthen the unorganized emission management of VOCs in industrial enterprises, promote enterprises to implement the technical transformation of closed, continuous and automatic production process, strengthen the collection of organic waste gas in the production process, and reduce the emission of volatile organic compounds

v. implement source control measures. Promote the use of raw and auxiliary materials such as inks, adhesives and cleaning agents with low toxicity and low (no) VOCs content. By the end of 2019, the replacement ratio of raw and auxiliary materials with low (no) VOCs content shall not be less than 60%

VI. promote the use of water-based ink gravure printing, flexographic printing, solvent-free compounding and other processes in plastic flexible packaging and other fields

VII. Standardize the allocation and use of organic raw and auxiliary materials such as inks and adhesives, and take measures such as the transformation of workshop environmental negative pressure and the installation of efficient gas gathering devices to improve the waste gas collection rate of VOCs generation. Optimize drying technology and reduce unorganized emissions. According to local conditions, end of pipe treatment technologies such as recycling and incineration are adopted to ensure stable and up to standard emissions

VIII. Establish and improve the VOCs emission management system. In accordance with the unified deployment of the reform of the national emission permit system and the provisions of relevant technical specifications, we will orderly promote the application and issuance of emission permits for the VOCs related industries, such as the selection of internationally renowned brand products for chemical and printed electrical components and contactors. By the end of 2020, we will comprehensively implement the emission permit system for key VOCs emission industries such as electronics, packaging and printing. Through the management of pollutant discharge permits, we will implement the requirements of enterprises for VOCs source reduction, process control and end-of-life treatment, gradually standardize the specific provisions of VOCs related industrial enterprises for self-monitoring, accounting records and regular reports, promote enterprises to discharge pollutants with and according to licenses, and severely punish unlicensed metal materials and joint implants that are currently used for discharging pollutants without licenses

IX. what are the technical points and utilization of the relaxation experimental machine. Establish a scheduling, notification and early warning system for VOCs Pollution Reduction, regularly schedule the completion of key projects, and notify the cities and prefectures where the construction of key projects is lagging behind and the implementation of policies and measures is not in place. Introduce a third-party evaluation and assessment mechanism to carry out supervision, inspection and spot check on the governance of VOCs key projects. The evaluation and assessment of the implementation of the plan shall be carried out year by year, and the assessment results shall be included in the annual assessment of air pollution prevention and control

the specific documents are as follows:

the environmental storm is not a joke. The emission reduction of VOCs is urgent. Enterprises that have not reached the standard should pay attention to it and pay close attention to rectification

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