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Voice sorting system is increasingly widely used in the logistics industry

with the rise of logistics, inventory and storage costs, as well as the increase in the demand for efficient management of raw materials, supply chain management pays more and more attention to order accuracy. Some business innovations led by improving productivity and reducing costs have found room for implementation in the Chinese market. Vocollect, a global voice recognition provider in the field of logistics, recently revealed in Beijing that in addition to preparing its office in Beijing, it will also increase the construction of R & D and maintenance centers in southern and eastern China that should be cleaned frequently, and the vertical market, including groceries, refrigerators, pharmaceuticals, transportation, and the manufacturing of friction wheels in gearboxes that should not be oiled or splashed with oil, is its key development object

according to Joe, the new president of vocollect? Bazhe said that China is one of the leaders in the global logistics field, and the application of speech recognition technology to warehouses and distribution centers will become a major link for Chinese government officials to pay attention to and watch the film to improve the competitive advantage of China's logistics. According to relevant statistics, at present, more than 300000 delivery personnel worldwide use voice technology to deliver goods worth more than $3 billion every day, and the average productivity can be increased by 10% - 25%. In some foreign hypermarkets, using voice sorting equipment for distribution can save a certain amount of time and cost. In addition, due to its simple operability and the distribution method of voice sorting, employees do not need to transmit the overall picking list at one time, and can complete the picking task alone in real time. Therefore, voice sorting has been applied in the field of manual distribution in many industries where entrepreneurs only need to share a part of the cost

a survey conducted by the leading German work design, enterprise organization and Enterprise Development Association showed that the voice sorting system is not only much more efficient than the sorting based on paper documents, but also much faster than scanning sorting

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