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Voice group call: marketing system cost-effective marketing tool

as the primary agent of voice group call. Voice group calling belongs to the independent research and development of system developers. At the same time, three operators need to be selected to establish a perfect system of long-term service leasing cooperation

voice group call system is divided into hardware equipment and software support. Hardware equipment includes voice server trunk line and voice card. Developers need to purchase servers independently and place them in the computer room of local operators, and reach a long-term line lease contract with operators, which is collectively referred to as landing. The investment of multi-point landing is quite large, and the number of landing is generally regarded as an important indicator of the company's strength and call stability

software investment is also a must for companies. Developers who develop their own systems must have professional technical teams to independently develop stable systems that are completely suitable for their own use. Compared with the investment in hardware, few companies will invest in software. So most companies choose to buy software. Compared with the investment in research and development, the investment in directly purchasing software from other companies is much less. New material technology, consulting, financing, information, testing, standards and other services

there are not many companies in the industry that really develop voice group calls. Another important thing to pay attention to is the maintenance of the system. Generally, subordinate agents will be recruited at a low price in the form of phone charges, and continue to develop end users through subordinate agent companies. As the developer of the system, he only earns the agent's fees. As most companies can choose to be subordinate agents, such words basically do not need to invest too much money, just recharge, and charge as much as you use. By continuing to open an agent account for the terminal company, we can earn the price difference from the middle

order the world to lead the new changes in the communication industry

China has always been a country that pays attention to emotional exchanges. With the rapid economic development, it is understandable that China has become the world's largest communication market. At present, the competition in the domestic communication market is extremely fierce. Shenzhen orders the world to survive in this commercial battle by virtue of the spirit of continuous innovation and perseverance. As a newly established company, the R & D Department of the world has independently developed two trumps: 400 managed call center system and voice group call marketing system by using its accumulated years of technology R & D experience in the industry

the 400 managed call center system takes the 400 number business as the starting point, and integrates more than 200 telecommunication value-added service functions, such as managed call center, enterprise CRM customer management system, electronic fax, voice message, web800, enterprise RBT, Xuanling, etc. The system connects with the data platforms of China Mobile, China Unicom and Chinatelecom, and integrates the domestic excellent 3 After the refrigeration switch of the low-temperature tank is turned off, the integration of telecommunication services and value-added services aims to help enterprise users effectively use domestic communication services for marketing promotion, improve users' corporate image, and finally obtain higher economic benefits

the voice group call marketing system is a new operation service promotion platform, which is suitable for all enterprises that need to promote products or services. The system has three automation functions: automatic group call to potential target users; Automatically broadcast advertising voice; Automatic transfer to manual seats. And with the good cooperation with the three major operators, the system uses the same PSTN physical communication line as the fixed one, which not only ensures the stability and clarity of call quality, but also avoids the restrictions of speed, equipment and other factors, and maximizes the efficiency of information promotion. And order the world also innovatively integrates CRM customer management system and outbound call system in the system. Users can easily collect customer information, guide customers to consult, screen potential user groups, and accurately find target users with the lowest promotion cost

the team members of the command world are all from domestic mainstream telecom operators and large multinational enterprise groups. The main managers of the company have more than years of working experience in large IT enterprises and telecom operators. It has a high-quality scientific and technological research and development team. They have rich software development technology and experience, and can fully meet the needs of the long-term development of the company's software technology. These people with rich experience and qualifications came together and founded the company "command the world". They hope to impress others through their continuous efforts, hope to change the current situation of the communication industry with both hands, and hope to truly command the world in the communication field

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