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Solid painting material for textile transfer printing with good toughness, rigidity and fatigue resistance

this material is a solid painting material for transfer printing, which is prepared by taking adhesives, physical pigments and Chinese dyes with bending up to 90 degrees as necessary, and then adding dispersants, plasticizers, anti sedimentation agents, etc. as needed. It is a solid painting material for textile transfer printing, which is used to draw patterns on paper substrates, so that the patterns overlap with the cloth ground, and the patterns are sublimated and transferred to the cloth ground after heating. 1、 Features: (1) like crayons or wax chalk, it is simple and convenient to write and paint directly on paper. (2) Good painting. You can draw detailed patterns on paper and write small words. (3) Sublimation transfer printing and dyeing is good. The fine words and detailed patterns sublimated and transferred to the cloth floor are clearly visible, with the same color and bright color. (4) The sublimate dries up after being transferred to the cloth, which does not affect the hand feel of the cloth, and has good washing fastness. (5) Suitable for manual writing and painting. (6) Tie it to the paper to write and draw, even if the writing and drawing fail, it will not waste the cloth. 2、 Usage: suitable for writing and painting on paper, sublimation transfer printing to all kinds of cotton and linen fabrics, polyester fibers, acetic acid fibers, propylene fibers, nylon fibers, and their blended fabrics made of natural fibers. It can also be used for writing and painting directly to the above textiles

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