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Solution to the problem of offset printing field edition

when the elongation at break increases, the appearance and fashionable design of packaging products are more adopted. From table 1, it can be seen that large color blocks and large fields are used to highlight the highlights of products, so as to achieve the effect of stimulating people's visual perception, which causes great trouble for the operation of our offset printing packaging paper

first, due to the thick ink color required by the original, two plates must be used to meet the requirements of the original in order to print thick and smooth. Due to the large amount of ink and the corresponding increase in water volume, the emulsification degree of the ink is improved, the drying time of the product is extended, the processing cycle is extended at the same time, and the work efficiency is greatly reduced. Short version activities requiring fast delivery time are often delayed

second, due to the large amount of ink, although preventive measures have been set in the early stage, there will still be sticky and dirty phenomenon if there is a little carelessness, so we have to increase the amount of powder spraying, which has caused certain difficulties for post press processing. Although powder removal measures have been taken before film coating and polishing, it is difficult to remove the powder embedded in the ink. The products after film coating and polishing appear false spots and pockmarks because they remain in the ink, which affects the appearance of the products

1500 sheets (stacking paper) were printed for the first time. After sampling inspection, the drying speed of the ink was accelerated, the back of the product was free of dirt, the ink transfer performance was normal during the printing process, and the Shanghai printing machine was running or stopped. "Martens pointed out that there was no ink bucket rubber roller scaling and film formation. After printing for half an hour, the red and yellow overprint was carried out. After overprint, the machine was applied for film coating for half an hour, and the pockmarks and virtual dots that originally appeared in the film coating due to a large amount of powder spraying were completely disappeared. After inspection, the product basically meets the requirements of the sample. After the initial test was successful, the following 6000 seals were processed as usual, and no errors were found in the whole operation process. In this regard, the author realized that we should not stick to the rules when dealing with the difficulties in operation, but should be bold in innovation and find new solutions, especially for new materials that appear in the market, we should constantly sum up experience in practical work, so as to change passivity into initiative, improve our own operation level, and solve new problems that continue to appear in production practice

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