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Jingcheng MES production line code acquisition and traceability management system solution

Jingcheng MES production line code acquisition and traceability management system solution

Author: Mr. Bai from: EAS software

MES production management software background:

EAS software production management solution last year's father's Day solution was in the automatic assembly line and various processing processes, Use bar code to label the main parts with bar code, and input the bar code information into the database of the computer server after being collected and decoded by the bar code reader. Each product and main parts will have a unique bar code, no matter where the product is sent, there will be records. In case of quality problems, you only need to read the barcode on the warranty card to call out the relevant information of the product in the database, which facilitates the quality tracking of the product and a set of comprehensive information system for after-sales service

manufacturing execution system (MES) is the link of enterprise information integration and the basic technical means of implementing enterprise agile manufacturing strategy and realizing workshop production agility. Manufacturing execution system (MES) is a workshop level production management technology and real-time information system that has developed rapidly in the world in recent 10 years

mes can provide users with a quick response, flexible and refined manufacturing environment, help enterprises reduce costs, deliver goods on time, improve product quality and improve service quality. It is applicable to different industries (household appliances, automobiles, semiconductors, communications, it, medicine), and can provide good enterprise information management for single mass production and hybrid manufacturing enterprises with both multi variety small batch production and mass production

Jingcheng MES production software is based on bar code technology and wireless network technology, combined with the actual process flow and station design of production-oriented enterprises, to realize the application system of production line data acquisition and quality traceability. It can realize seamless interface with various logistics systems and ERP systems, achieve the perfect unity of production and planning, realize enterprise information sharing, improve product quality, etc

functions of Jingcheng MES production software system:

1. Quality tracking: by recording and tracking the production site, production date, team production line, PCB version number, batch number and serial number of the whole machine and main parts, the quantity and time of each link of production materials, operator and machine number and other relevant data, a good traceability can be established - from the finished products to the raw materials used

2. Material barcode management: establish a unique number for all raw materials used in production, attach barcode labels, and establish strict picking control. Through the bill of materials of each type of product, the production plan of the product is decomposed into the material plan, which can reasonably calculate the material allowance and control the deviation between the material consumption of each batch of products and the standard finished products

3. Operation time control: record the working time of each operator by scanning the operator number and machine number. After statistical analysis, the deviation between the operation time of each batch of products and the standard operation time can be calculated

4. Production process control: by scanning the body number of the finished product and the barcode of each main part, the production process control, quality control, output statistics, material consumption statistics of the finished product can be automatically completed, and the scrap status can be calculated at the same time

5. Piecework statistics: many enterprises adopt the method of piecework wages, and piecework statistics is a very cumbersome work. Through the bar code identification and production work order on each product, it is easy to count the number of products completed by each worker, and investigate the personnel who produce defective products

6. Production scheduling: the managed production tasks, orders, batches, work orders, etc. can be modified according to the specific situation, and the production task adjustment can be completed in time according to the plan adjustment, so as to realize the transparent and efficient management of the production process

7. Quality traceability: using bar code to collect data, you can establish a complete product file including detailed information such as product manufacturing process, component configuration, quality inspection data, etc., which is convenient for enterprises to complete product quality traceability and unified traceability of problematic products

8. Production information query: bar code technology is used to store various basic queries in ERP system. Business data are collected from the production line in real time, which ensures the real-time nature of queries. At the same time, because the data is input at one point and shared as a whole, it ensures the consistency of queries under the specified pressure and wear conditions; And because the inquiry comes from all the processes of cutting, processing, assembly, quality inspection, maintenance, packaging, warehousing and so on, it ensures the comprehensiveness and accuracy of the inquiry

Jingcheng MES bar code production management system combines e-commerce technology to develop a production site portal based on Web technology. With the web-based query interface and advanced OLAP technical support, everything is under control, both within the enterprise and around the world. So as to effectively manage the production line

features of Jingcheng MES bar code production management system

1. It is applicable to diverse production processes, supports multiple production lines, improves management efficiency, and can effectively schedule the operations of each batch on multiple production lines, improving management efficiency

2. Establish a perfect database, provide powerful query function, and the information is more complete and deeper. Jingcheng MES bar code production management system can collect all the information on the production line at any time, including the production capacity and maintenance of materials and personnel on the production line

3. Assembly line operation error prevention function, prevent component assembly errors and product production process errors in advance, and timely remind and guide operators to correct

4. Online information is correctly integrated in real time to facilitate the best decision-making. Managers can obtain real-time information on the production line at any time. Diversified reports and charts are integrated and analyzed, such as Plato, p-chart histogram, etc., to provide managers with a strong basis for making different decisions; In addition, the combination of reports with office software such as word and excel makes the form of charts more diversified

5. The customized design of modules fully meets the needs of enterprises. Each module can specialize in its functions and is integrated. It is very necessary for enterprises to formulate different protection and maintenance plans for information. The digital bending and compression testing machine is used to detect the bending strength of 100x100x400 (mm) 150x150x550 (mm) concrete experiments and the compressive strength of cement, mortar and other building materials; The complexity or simplicity of the functions in the module depends entirely on the needs of the enterprise itself

6. Real time monitoring of the production line, the best tool for quality assurance, Jingcheng MES bar code production management system, integrated system maintenance monitoring system

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