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1. What is called combined binding?

answer: combined binding is a small and simple binding form after butterfly binding, and the book block and book cover can be separated at any time. Because the appearance is box or half box, it is called combined binding.

2. What is called back binding?

answer: a page folding method is completely opposite to butterfly binding, and the printed pages (single-sided printing) face inward For the book post with the picture and text folded in half outward to form a tube page, after the page is matched, the folding edge of the book post shall be straightened, and then the paper edge opposite the folding opening (front edge) shall be used as the joint, and the back of the book shall be coated with adhesive to stick it firmly, wrapped with the cover and bound into a back bound book. The method of back binding is like modern wireless binding, but the processing method is slightly different (see Figure 1)

3. What is paperback

answer: it is a book binding form that has been reformed after summarizing the advantages of backpack and thread binding. It is also a plane binding method that is widely used. Paperback is based on the characteristics of modern printing. First fold the large-scale pages into posts, match them into volumes, wrap the cover, and then cut off the rough edges on three sides to become a readable book

4. What is Le Kou

answer: Le Kou is a processing form of paperback binding. The main reason is that the front edge of the cover is wider than the front edge of the book block. After wrapping the cover, cut the wide cover edge into the front edge of the book block. The filtering effect is: 90%, 95% and 99.97% of the edges are folded inward in the processing of the second and third covers (see Figure 2)

5. What is riding order

answer: a simple form of book binding. Gb/t 2811-2007 "hard hat" when processing, the cover and each post of the book block are matched together to form a book, which can be formed into a book after binding and cutting, and the bound horseback bookbinding nail saw is exposed on the last crease of the book. Because the book block is bound by riding on the stapler when stapling, it is called riding on horseback for days (see Figure 3)

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