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Shenzhen Zhentong bus electronic stop sign and intelligent dispatching management system solution

I. preface

in the development planning of a city, transportation is the first major event in the work of the government, and the development of public transportation is the top priority. Therefore, doing a good job in public transport is a major event for the benefit of the country and the people. Because of this, Shenzhen Zhentong Technology Co., Ltd. has played its experience in accumulating communication and cooperated with various intelligent transportation (ITS) companies to jointly promote the application of products in the field of public transport

in urban public transport, the most important construction is mainly in the following aspects:

· dispatching management of parking lots or hubs

· construction of waiting station signs

· vehicle and personnel monitoring

the proposal of this system is to draw lessons from the latest trends of international development, combined with the actual situation of China, on the basis of the company's independent intellectual property products, This set of solutions is proposed to solve the above undoubtedly huge business opportunities

II. Demand proposal

the proposal of this system is mainly aimed at the needs of bus companies and passengers

there are always such needs in the hearts of the general manager of the bus head office in each region:

Where are the company's vehicles at this time, how many cars are there in the parking lot, which line is the busiest, and how to put the vehicles or temporary vehicles on the non busy line into the busy line. The bus center hopes to send some information to the vehicles operating on the line (such as the situation of busy road sections, etc.), At the same time, because advertising revenue accounts for a large proportion of public transport revenue, the center also hopes to control the advertising of public transport vehicles, and public transport companies also hope to have some advanced ways to solve the problem of attendance. At present, it can only be solved through the waybill printed manually or by computer. Can the waybill be electronic

for each passenger, he mainly wants to know:

How do I choose the bus line with the shortest distance, which bus I want to take, and how long is the nearest bus expected to arrive

this system mainly solves the above problems

III System design and function introduction

the construction of the system is mainly divided into four parts:

· bus center scheduling display subsystem

· parking lot and hub scheduling management subsystem

· waiting electronic station sign system

· bus intelligent terminal subsystem

the following is a brief introduction to each subsystem:

1. The main functions of the bus center scheduling display subsystem are:

1) vehicle dynamic display

The location of any bus is dynamically displayed through large screen and electronic map, so as to provide intuitive judgment information to dispatchers and commanders at all levels

2) important notice distribution

through the system, you can conveniently and selectively send some important notices to all or some bus vehicles

3) advertisement broadcast scheduling

through the central advertisement scheduling, the electronic advertisements of all or part of public transport vehicles can be scheduled and controlled at any time, so as to achieve the maximum effect of advertisement delivery and obtain the maximum revenue at the same time

4) core scheduling management

can schedule all public transport vehicles at any time, and increase or reduce line vehicles at any time, so as to achieve the rationalization of vehicle use

2. Main functions of the parking lot and hub dispatching management subsystem:

1) automatically identify the vehicle information in and out of the site, including license plate number, line, arrival time, etc

2) automatically identify the crew information on the vehicle, including driver information, conductor information, etc

3) send departure instructions to vehicles entering the depot in advance, so that drivers can basically know their departure time when entering the depot

4) the departure route of vehicles can be dispatched at any time. For example, if the No.1 bus line has been sent out due to traffic jam, and the No.2 bus in the same parking lot is still free, the dispatching system can issue instructions to change some No.2 buses to No.1 bus for use, which can greatly enhance the use efficiency of bus vehicles

5) the system automatically records the arrival time, departure time and crew information of the vehicle, which can easily and accurately form assessment information and is authoritative information

6) each vehicle entering and leaving can be assigned parking positions, such as lanes or parking spaces

3. Waiting electronic station sign system

1) arrival notice:

electronic station sign conveniently displays the estimated arrival time or distance of the nearest bus from the station through led to inform the waiting person

2) electronic stop board:

display the line stop by LED

3) receive and display the information sent by the center. Since the center has the most information sources, the center can push information to the electronic stop board at any time, such as traffic jam information, so that the waiting people can feel the considerate service of the bus company all the time

4) advertisements can also be inserted at intervals

4. Main functions of the bus intelligent terminal subsystem:

1) it can easily input the crew information into the bus intelligent terminal through IC card or keyboard

2) the vehicle and crew information can be sent to the depot or center by encryption at any time

3) it can receive the information sent by the center or dispatching system at any time and display it through LCD screen

4) it can easily provide a high-speed data transmission channel through the serial port to facilitate the data transmission of other systems, such as the wireless collection of all-in-one card data

5) it can control line display and advertising system control through serial port

IV. system features

the main advantages of the system are:

1) fully realize the information collection, information transmission, and information sharing among bus companies, crew members, and passengers

2) through these services, the status of public transport companies among citizens can be greatly improved, and the city's public transport management can reach a new level

3) it can greatly improve the operation efficiency of bus companies

4) the revenue of bus companies can be increased by controlling the broadcast of advertisements anytime and anywhere

5) wireless technology (wireless data transmission radio) communication adopted by the system

6) the system adopts wireless technology. Because it can realize large angle opening and closing, it does not need wiring engineering, and the municipal construction is simple and easy

7) the communication between the vehicle of this system and the parking lot or station sign (micro power wireless data transmission radio), while the communication between the parking lot or station sign and the center adopts high-power radio or GPRS, which can greatly save costs

8) the system can combine attendance, scheduling and reward through the management of bus attendants

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