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Railway signal microcomputer monitoring system solution

Abstract: This paper expounds the working condition of railway signal system and how to use EVOC's EIP platform to realize comprehensive and automatic real-time monitoring of railway signal equipment by using existing industrial control technology

key words: EIP railway signal system

summary:illuminate the working status of railway signals, and how to choose the EVOC EIP platform and combine the advanced industry control technology to R realize the full and automatically supervising and controlling of the railway signals devices for fear of poor contact between the sample and the anvil

key words: EIP (embedded intelligent platform) railway signals system

I. system overview

signal microcomputer monitoring system is a special railway signal microcomputer monitoring equipment, which can be used as an auxiliary tool for electrical maintenance and management. The signal microcomputer monitoring system uses the calculation to ensure the accuracy of setting out, and the high-speed information processing ability of the machine realizes the continuous, comprehensive and automatic real-time monitoring of the signal equipment. It can obtain complete and continuous real-time data, avoid the interference and influence of human factors, improve the quality of signal equipment management, and prevent hidden accidents. The large amount of field data stored in the equipment is of great help to analyze the cause of the accident and understand the condition of the equipment

the main detection object of the signal microcomputer monitoring system is the station 6502 electrical centralized system. The signal microcomputer monitoring system collects the relevant switching values (key operation, track light band status, switch position, annunciator status, etc.) and relevant analog quantities (track voltage, switch indication voltage, various power supply voltages, switch current, etc.) in 6502, and establishes the original database

II. System composition

the station equipment adopts a fully decentralized structure, and the station machine is composed of the industrial control computer host for the station, the acquisition machine, the power supply and insulation test combination machine, the wide area routing equipment, and the can. The system is responsible for data collection, classification, processing and display, and sends the collected data to the server through the network equipment. In the complete set of equipment of the system, considering that the products of Yanxiang company cover all kinds of equipment required in the whole system, and because of its leading position in the field of domestic industrial control and embedded intelligent platform, the products of Yanxiang company are mainly used to realize the system

the hardware configuration of the system is as follows:

1. Host:

a. Chassis: Yanxiang ipc-810a/ps-270a/6113lp4

b. mainboard: Yanxiang fsc-1715vn full-length CPU card

c. Data acquisition card for analog wall: Yanxiang pcl-733 32-way isolated digital input card, Yanxiang pcl-734 32-way isolated digital output card

2. Server: (used as a firewall in the implementation of access public): Yanxiang ipc-8116/ps-16016 a/net-1611v4n

3 Remote data acquisition module: this can easily realize the placement of large samples

ark-14017 (with isolated 6-way differential and 2-way single ended analog input)

ark-14021 (single channel analog output)

ark-14052 (with isolated digital input module)

ark-14060 (relay output module)

the system software configuration is as follows:

the software platform is Windows NT 4.0 operating system

using king view of Asian control company for configuration development, the development method is convenient and fast

The basic block diagram of the system is as follows:

III. system function

the station machine is responsible for data collection, classification and storage, and displays the signal status of the station in an intuitive way

system functions are as follows:

1. Data acquisition:

real time acquisition of switching value:

switching value includes track light band, annunciator status, console button, turnout indicator light, various console lights, lead sealing button, filament alarm and other alarm lights, relay status, etc

analog quantity data acquisition:

analog quantity includes power supply panel input and output voltage, track circuit receiving terminal voltage, switch machine action current, section sending voltage, section receiving voltage, station coded sending voltage and current, cable insulation resistance to ground, power supply panel leakage test and power balance test, etc

2. Data storage:

classify the collected data and store it by class

3. Display: display the station diagram according to the collected data, and give a real-time alarm for equipment failure

4. Data processing:

status table:

real time test table showing track voltage, power supply panel voltage, section sending voltage, section receiving voltage, coded sending voltage and current

table, monthly report, annual report:

table, monthly report, annual report showing track voltage, power supply panel voltage, section sending voltage, section receiving voltage, coded sending voltage and current

daily curve, monthly curve, annual curve:

display the daily curve, monthly curve and annual curve of track voltage, power supply panel voltage, section sending voltage, section receiving voltage, coded sending voltage and current

5, statistical table

(1) equipment fault statistical table

(2) lead seal button action times and time statistics

(3) column, shunting button action times and time statistics

(4) shunting signal opening times and time statistics

(5) turnout action times statistics

(6) track occupation times and time statistics

6, real-time data transmission: real-time transmission of switching value data and level I, II and III alarm data to the network

7 Section machine command receiving: receive and execute the control command from the network

8, realize the man-machine conversation

9, time synchronization: receive and execute the clock calibration command of the section machine

IV. overall evaluation of the system

in this monitoring system, the existing network resources of the railway can be used to transmit the operation of the on-site signal equipment of each railway section to the signal system monitoring center of the Railway Branch Bureau, Therefore, it is necessary to regularly check the temperature, vibration and internal wires of the electromechanical system to effectively monitor the signal system, reduce personnel investment, effectively shorten the time of fault detection and troubleshooting of railway equipment, and greatly improve the efficiency of railway transportation. At the same time, the system has high cost performance and does not need to purchase expensive PLC controllers. In addition, the system also makes full use of the existing railway network communication resources, saves costs, and achieves good economic benefits

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